Portland NSW

Signs of Yester Year

Ron Bidwell is a ‘blow-in’ from Sydney who has had a major impact on this town during the past few years. A signwriter by trade, Ron had a vision of revitalising the town by recreating signs of yesteryear to spruce up the town and to create a tourist attraction for visitors.

Visitors to the town can now see historic brand names such as: Goanna Salve, Kinkara Tea, Bushell’s Tea, Mother’s Choice Flour, Uncle Toby’s Oats, Arnott’s Biscuits, Toohey’s Flag Ale, Solvol, Federal Safety Matches and Swagsman Blend Tea. Ron gathered together some of his signwriting colleagues from many parts of Australia for a Letterheads meeting in October 2001 and with the help of some of the locals, they recreated the historical advertising signs which now adorn the town. And more are on the way!